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An open letter to all Travel Agents:

Vacation of A Lifetime
At the
a major resort in Playa Del Carmen Mexico?

A Family Vacation Destination
Lifetime Memories For Your Family?

Amenities Beyond Description?

Hidden Dangers? Unsafe Conditions?

Dear Travel Professionals:

We are writing from our hearts to ask your assistance to make sure that no other family has to endure the personal tragedy that our family was forced to endure while on vacation in the Riviera Maya at a major resort, located approximately 40 miles south of Cancun.

Our bright, intelligent, happy 8-year-old son was killed on April 26, 2003 in a swimming pool at that resort. He was violently pulled into an 11 inch diameter uncovered, underwater drain pipe. (The hotel claims the pipe was covered, but the cover was missing at the time.) Hotel management did not even disclose the existence of the pipe until almost 12 hours after he was reported missing, and then claim it took an additional 9 hours to recover his lifeless body. They refused to provide information during the search and recovery operations, would not allow a distraught mother to visit the scene of her only son's death, and allowed their own attorney to represent himself as a police official at the local police station. They have even refused to pay for the cost of his funeral.

Further details in published news articles can be found by going to your favorite search engine and searching for "Brent Midlock".

Thank you for your attention and cooperation

-- The Midlock Family

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