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Above is Brent McCoy Midlock; A happy, healthy, child, who loved his life, before he died at a major resort in Playa Del Carmen. continue below picture

On April 26th, 2003 Brent Midlock, his Mom, sisters went to the salt water swimming pool at the resort that they were transferred to after being told that where they were scheduled to stay was overbooked. The Midlock children were all on a swim team and were accomplished swimmers. They were snorkeling about 20 minutes when Nancy (mom) ordered drinks from the poolside waiter, and asked her oldest daughter to get her sister and brother because their drinks would be coming soon. Jana quickly returned and said that she could not find Brent. Immediately, Nancy got up to look in the pool and saw one of Brent’s fins so she quickly ran to the bathroom thinking he was there, but there was no Brent! The girls and Nancy began calling for him immediately and there was no response from Brent so they asked for security to come immediately. How could an 82 pound child disappear into thin air? His other sister found his snorkel tube about 400 feet away in the lagoon, and the hours ticked by but no one could find Brent.

The resort guests began to gather identifying the fact that there was a serious problem and within 2 hours had Amber Alert posters all over the resort. Nancy and the girls felt as though they were in the midst of a horror story, which proved to be a complete and total outrage that reached outside the limits of human decency.

Whenever the hotel management was asked what the status was regarding Brent, they would say “that we have no information”.

Most people that knew Brent felt that it was a privilege, he was kind, gentle, loved sports, loved his family, friends, and life. An innocent 8-year-old child named Brent McCoy Midlock had his future, his dreams, and his plans for a very bright life ended at a major resort in Playa Del Carma. Brent was violently pulled into one of three uncovered, underwater drainpipes in the little pool, shown above, at the resort. It pulled him in from behind, folded him in half, and compressed him two inches smaller then the width of his shoulders for ten feet. The Minesterio Publico used hydraulic “jaws of life” to remove his precious, lifeless body. This is the place under the sidewalk from which Brent's body was extracted. One of the rescuers was quoted by stating it was “incredible”. His little body was all bruised, scraped and cut by being dragged so violently into the pipe. The management never once attempted to explain what happened, but the next day the Cancun newspaper confirmed what had happened to Brent, and that is how his family found out. The Midlock’s were treated without any compassion or sympathy and Brent’s body was treated even worse, they left him out in the 80 degree temperature for so long and being compressed in the pipe with salt water allowed his skin to start slipping off his body. They embalmed him with methanol, a solution which hasn’t been used in 80 years in the U.S.

In an Associated Press article in April of 2004 and the TV press, the resort management said that the pool was working fine on the day of the tragedy.

Brent’s family will forever hold him near to their hearts, but it will always be with a great deal of pain and sorrow. Mr. Brent Midlock was one of a kind. The kind of child that everyone wanted to be around, the thoughts of all of his dreams and hopes for his future were ended at a major resort in Playa Del Carmen.

The Midlocks’ wish to extend thanks to so many people across the world that have communicated with them and offered such kind words of encouragement. This is a journey that should never be forced on any one that was so completely avoidable!

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